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Our rice varieties are carefully processed using traditional methods to retain nutrients and deliver a deliciously fluffy texture. Perfect for those who prioritize both nutrition and flavor, we offer two types of rice from Pakistan and India, each in white long grain and parboiled varieties.

This premium white long grain rice from Pakistan is expertly sourced from the best milling factories, ensuring high quality. With a brokenness range of 5% to 25% and 100% sortexed, it stands out for its quality and consistency.

Our parboiled rice hails from Pakistan's finest milling facilities, offering a nutritious and versatile choice. It has a 5% to 25% brokenness range and is 100% sortexed, perfect for a variety of dishes.

Experience the finest white long grain rice from India, selected from top-tier milling factories for its superior quality. It presents a brokenness range of 5% to 25% and is 100% sortexed, making it a prime choice for your meals.

Sourced from India's best milling factories, our parboiled rice is processed to lock in nutrients. With a brokenness range of 5% to 25% and 100% sortexed, it's an ideal staple for healthy and flavorful cooking.

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